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The Electronic Library™ - library automation software
Library automation software
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Price reduced $200.00 to $279.95 + tax until further notice
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Library Automation Software
at its best

The Electronic Library is a state-of-the-art library automation software program.
Library automation for school library automation or church library automation is easy with this program.
Library management has never been easier. This library software has so many useful
capabilities. It is a must, especially for a small school or church library. And a
computer background is not a pre-requesite to use this library automation software.

                 Electronic Library program Features
Special - Price reduced $200.00 till further notice
It is an incredibly fast, easy-to-use, library automation software program.
For use in Windows 95,98, Windows ME, NT, XP or Windows 2000.
Library program options include Cataloging, Circulation and Inventory control.
Bar codes can be used to greatly simplify circulation management.
The Search procedure is so simple young children can handle it on their own.
The Administration Mode, password protected, can be used without a computer background.
Library management reports are available on screen or printer.
Accession numbers are assigned automatically by the computer.
Accession number prefixes identify the library to which resources belong.
MARC records may be imported into the Electronic Library file saving librarians endless hours of work.
We can convert most existing library software files to The Electronic Library format.
The cost - $479.95 ($279.95) Cdn plus tax with discounts up to 25% on the purchase of multiple packages.
Site Licenses available - add 30% to basic package cost and use The Electronic Library on any number
of computers in the same school.
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library automation software

Electronic Library - Sample Program Screens
Configuration Screen
Search Screen
Resources Screen
Resource Types Screen
Report Options Screen
Sample Report Screen

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The Electronic Library may be configured to meet the needs of any library. All reports bear the name of the orgranization entered here. The Accession number prefix identifies the library to which resources belong. Administrative activities are protected by password. Accession and Patron Id. numbers are assigned by the computer. Maximum resources borrowed and overdue may be set to warn the librarian of the number resources patrons have out and/or overdue. Buttons at the bottom may be used to set various colors on the screen.
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Take 'File', then 'Search' to bring up the screen below. Any search string may be entered into any field. A 'keyword' search will scan subjects and titles for the search string. Results are shown in the top window. Details of the record selected in the top window are shown below. Taking [Print] will send the list to the printer.
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Take 'File', then 'Resources' to bring up the resources screen. It is here that resources are cataloged, resource records are modified or deleted. Status may be changed from 'Active' (available), to 'Inactive' (presumed lost), to 'Reserve' (not to be removed from library). Circulation may also be handled from here.
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Taking 'File', then 'Resource Types' shows the following screen. Any number of resource types may be added here or existing ones deleted. The loan period set here raises the overdue flag. A different loan period may be set for each resource type.
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A variety of options are available for all reports. The time period, the range of accession numbers included, and in some cases, the order in which the items in the report are presented, may be set before the report is written.
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All reports appear first on the screen. The size of the report window may be set to anything from 25% to 400%. Reports set to 'page width' (fit exactly on the screen) are usually 87%. Clicking the printer icon sends the report to the printer.
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