Farmtool Companion is a stand-alone Farm Utilities package designed to do a variety of useful jobs around the farm. The Inventory module would be used mostly to track grain inventory but it could be used to track inventory of any kind. The Service Records module is used to keep track of service to farm machinery. The Field Records module is used to keep track of field operations, especially chemical applications to any or all fields on the farm. Farmtool Companion may be run as a stand-alone application or integrated for inventory purposes with Farmtool. Included as well is a Tank Calculator, a Loans Calculator, a GrainBin Calculator, a Bank Account Reconciliation program and a Seed Rate/Seed Drill calibration program. It’s a combination of eight programs for the price of one. Now only $149.95 Cdn plus tax, or $99.95 when purchased with Farmtool.

Some of the key features of Farmtool Companion are listed below.
• Keeps accurate records of field work done on the farm.
• Field records are easy to enter and the information easily accessible for reporting.
• The field records provide for date and description of the field operation, applied rates, and comments.
• The program make it possible to enter the same operation on many fields with a minimum of keystrokes.
• The software keeps adequate service records for all machinery on the farm.
• The service records include date of service, exact job done, cost and comments.
• Service records are easy to enter and the information is readily available in the form of service records reports to include as many implements as you like.
• The program adequately tracks the number of bushels of a commodity in each bin.
• The inventory in a particular bin can be easily adjusted to take care of errors in judgement made when estimating the starting inventory.
• Provides summary reports to show the inventory in all storage areas on the farm and reports provide for a choice of which bins and which commodities to include.
• When integrated with Farmtool, inventories are automatically adjusted during the entry of transactions.